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Hi! My name is Denise Padernilla.

I always had a knack for writing. Ever since I was in elementary, English was my favourite subject because when I learned how to write sentences, my brain juice just wouldn’t stop producing words! When I reached high school, writing became a way for me to express myself. I began writing poetry, songs and stories, all fueled by my wild fantasies and imagination. When the internet became trendy, blogging was my escape. I had a lot of blogs that I made throughout the years but nothing stuck on except my recently concluded blog Giggle Chronicles that I maintained from 2013 until now.

I decided to create this self-titled blog because I want a clean slate, to start things new as I am adulting my way to living the life I have always wanted. This blog will be fueled by my motivation to be successful in my career as well as I will relay my opinions and thoughts on things that are worthwhile. I also want to post my adventures and endeavours.

Enough about the expectations on this blog, this time let me tell you about myself.

I am a Christian and I am saved by Grace. Jesus Christ is my Saviour and I am spiritually single and free with the Holy Spirit. I also strive to have The Fruits of the Spirit in how I live my life. My purpose in life is to live according to His will and walk on this earth as a light with the way I live, as I follow Christ.

I am a graduate of Business Administration Human Resources at Seneca College and I aim to be a Human Resources Professional in the near future.

I could never forget my experience in volunteering at University Health Network (UHN) Princess Margaret Cancer Hospital where I helped usher cancer patients to their correct departments. That phase of my life, helping those patients, paved way to where I am now — it helped me become a better person, more professional and empathetic to the people around me.

I worked in telecommunications as an outbound sales representative, telemarketer and technical support as my previous jobs. I worked those jobs in the course of my college years in Seneca. I am proud I was able to surpass it and have my diploma.

I am a well-rounded person which molded me into becoming an effective person through my experiences on different fields.

Although I finished a business course, I have a background in nursing as I have a passion for healthcare and helping others.

When I’m not working, I sing and practice my brush lettering.


Thank you for reading and catch you on the flip side!

xx Denise